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Internet killed in Mick Fanning Shark Attack

The Internet suffered horrendous injuries yesterday as Mick Fanning was attacked by a shark in the final of the World Surfing League in South Africa.

'It was awful', said Charles, from Cornwall 'I logged on to my computer and every single pixel was dedicated to Mick Fanning and this damn shark - I couldn't do anything for hours, it was like a virus'

It's thought that the damage to the internet may well be repairable, but it's going to take someone snowboarding off a cliff with a Go Pro attached before the Mick Fanning Shark Incident can completely subside.

'It may be someone snowboarding off a cliff with a Go Pro, or it might just be some drunk rednecks running themselves over with a pick up truck, we aren't too sure at this stage. Near death on live TV really ramps up internet usage, people go mad for it, so the Mick Fanning Shark stunt has really paid dividends for broadband providers' said A Man From The Internet

'Mick who? Shark? What? I thought shark finning was illegal? I dunno I haven't turned my computer on or been able to connect to the internet since BT updated my home hub 4 months ago' said Geoff, from Newcastle

Longboards - Yay or Nay?


Surfing in Bikinis: What not to wear

Guest post:

There are always issues when fashion eludes function, and visa versa, and this is certainly the case with water gear for surfer girls. Personally, I feel companies who have sold themselves as girl / women surf companies, though they have some lovely clothes, have let the average Jo surfer girl down in terms of truly awesome surf suits. In Hawai’i, we surf with some of the hottest pro surfer girls in the world, all hard-bodied and perfection. Hello world, we are not all built that way! Some women’s boobs actually jiggle and laugh in the face of a stretchy sliding spaghetti strap! In this post (which we’ll likely add to) we look at some surfer girl swimsuit don’ts….

The halter: 

It may make the boobage look all pushed together, snuggly, and a little mo’ big, but the halter is the worst kind of bathing suit top for a surfer girl. Why? Surfer girls have enough problems with neck strain; why put additional pull on the neck while we surf. You may not feel it while it’s happening, but your neck and shoulder muscles are compensating. Beware; especially larger breasted women. Unless you are spider-bite sized, you should avoid the halter. The crisscrossed back and sports bra styles seem to offer the best boob and postural

A zipper on the chest - Roxy, really?

Support and consistent coverage for bigger surf. Now if only form and function could evolve beyond the compressed boob-flattening that the sporty suits create. There are a few brands out there…but there needs to be more!

The Tankini: 

These often offer nice comfy support and are lovely for women who don’t want to show the belly. Unfortunately for the surfer girl they have a habit of riding up, or down, while surfing. And body surfing – forget it! – the boob always pops out the top. Unless you can find one that’s secure fitting, you’re best to get a nice rash guard to cover up.

Cute but not functional:

Board Shorts with Elastic Waist Bands: These are often offered at a Costco and seem like a good deal, until they’re around your ankles after a wipe-out. Though even Hurley and Billabong make them now, and they’re making their way into the surf stores, I recommend only wearing this style out and about or for jogs on the beach. The exception is for the full-figured surfin’ wahine who can stretch out the elastic all the way or their bootay is bootayfull enough to keep ‘em up and… they ain’t goin’ nowhere. 

Simply an observation: guys who wear elastic board shorts are 99% of the time not surfers.

Board Shorts with Fake Ties and Fake Pockets: 

While we’re on the subject… why put a friggin’ tie in the front of a board short if it has no functional purpose? And by that I mean, why not make it functional!? Why put a pocket on girl’s board shorts if you don’t bother making it so the wax could stay in it? And by that I mean, would it really cost that much more to have the velcro go that extra inch across the whole pocket, g-d forbid you did such skimping on same brand’s men’s boardshorts – just sayin’. These are a few of the little things I’ve wondered about… for the past 20 years. No big deal, surely they’ll give me a good answer some day. Or maybe this needs to go in the NASA pile: things the geniuses at NASA will have to invent once the space program is null and void and they can invent high-IQ solutions and inventions that couldn’t be accomplished by the common man.

Suits with Embellishments: 

Unfortunately, some cute suits have weird embellishments in odd places. Like O-rings on the front of the hip or between the bust – ouch. 

Dangling beads also suck when you jump back on the board and have no time to reposition because you need to paddle back out before the next big set. I remember when Xcel had the plastic adjuster for the elastic cinch on their womens (not mens!) wet suit tops in the front, making it awfully painful when lying on the board. They should have made a public apology and refunded everyone (hey, I still have a few). After many complaints they did realize women would actually be surfing in it and repositioned it like the men’s version.

Bikini Bottoms with Tie Strap Sides: 

These are fine in small waves, but the thing about the surf, it has a way of undressing you. When it happens you will be happy if the side that unties is not the side with the leash, if ya know what I mean. Many a surfer girl has paddled in nekkid; don’t let this happen to you.

Discount on Surf Travel Insurance

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We love Mick


Boardmasters 2014

Sarah Butler shows us what's hot at this years Boardmasters Festival

Quiksilver and Monsanto: bedfellows

Not our content:

Quiksilver and Monsanto: bedfellows

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Quik kids shirt, Made in India
(5/29 EDIT: The Reliance Group of industries Quiksilver has joined up with in India deserves its own post. For a taste, see page 6 of this document and this article.)
Suicide has become the second leading cause of death in India among young adults. Of these, about 10% may be farmer suicides. While there is some contention about the numbers, there have been enough rural suicides in the Maharashtra region (India’s largest industrial region) to perk the attention of activists like Vandana Shiva who see a correlation in the suicides to Monsanto’s Bt cotton seed.
Monsanto illegally introduced Bt cotton technology in India in 1995 with the help of the World Bank who required the Indian government to deregulate the seed sector. As a result, Monsanto now controls 95 percent of the cotton seed market via “intellectual property” claims in India.
The sterile seeds that Monsanto provides to Indian cotton farmers has resulted in a major crisis leading to particularly severe suicide rates in those farmers who use Bt cotton seeds in 2011-2012.
While doing my research on sourcing after the Bangladesh disaster, I wrote: “Many of the men’s dressier [surf] clothing is made in India” and “Women’s [surf] clothing, perhaps due to the current fashion trends, is by and large made in India…”
Made in India
Quik kids shirt, Made in India
Quik kids shirt, Made in India
Further research has made it absolutely clear that while Quiksilver’s icon, Kelly Slater, is taking a stand regarding Monsanto’s gross misconduct in Hawaii with genetically modified organisms related to our food supply, he is missing an intimate Monsanto link to his own company, Quiksilver.
Quiksilver and Monsanto
In 2011, Quiksilver Inc. and Reliance Brands Industries joined business to launch a core action sports movement in India surrounding surfing.
Reliance Industries
Reliance Industries
Billabong "Made in India"
Billabong Girls, Made in India
What makes Quiksilver’s involvement in India resonate with outright hypocrisy and a frighteningChomskian “profit over people” corporatism is that Reliance Brands Industries has a direct connection with Monsanto via their Vice President, Santanu Dasgupta.
It is almost enough to brandish the fact that 95 percent of Indian cotton is Monsanto owned Bt cotton and the majority of Roxy/Quiksilver and many other surf brands are produced there, but it is quite another to willingly engage with a company who has as its VP, years of calculated involvement with the very devil you wish to publicly and politically position yourself in opposition to.
What the hell is going on here?

Join the Mexican Wave!

Andrew Cotton, pro British surfer rides the Mexican Wave to support children’s refuge, Misión México:

Surfers and non-surfers alike are being invited to ride the waves on International Surfing Day, Thursday 20th June, and all weekend, to raise funds for the children at Misión México who are learning to overcome their pasts and develop critical life skills through surfing.

Misión México is a charity like no other; it was established in November 2000 by Australian couple Pam and Alan Skuse, adoptive parents for children who have been abused, neglected, abandoned and from extreme poverty. This refuge has established a unique surfing community which they have pioneered in Tapachula, a coastal city in Mexico’s Pacific Ocean. Most of the children had never seen the ocean or knew how to swim before living at Misión México. Surfing teaches them water safety, lifesaving skills and gives them an escape from the harsh realities of their backgrounds. Their award winning documentary Somewhere Near Tapachula, directed and produced by Australian surfing film makers Stefan Hunt and Jonno Durrant, follows the lives of the surfing community. You can watch the trailer here  

The Mexican Wave will see UK pro surfer Andrew Cotton and surfers up and down the country take part in surfing events to raise funds for Misión México.

Andrew said "I first became aware of Misión México when Surfing GB contacted me as they were looking for UK ambassadors. I looked at the website with my wife Katie and we watched a few of the videos. It's such an amazing emotional story - it really made me want to be involved. My life revolves around the sea, surfing and my kids. Seeing the impact it was having on the children at Misión México after all they had gone through was unbelievable".

Andrew will give trustees of the charity their first ever lesson, sponsored by the Ticket to Ride Surf School in Perranporth, Cornwall. Ticket to Ride are also donating a half-day surf lesson as a raffle prize for a fundraising event at the Seiners Arms at Perranporth, at 2pm on Sunday 30th June.  

Everyone is welcome to join the Mexican Wave; for ideas on how to join the Mexican Wave people can check out!_news_48.htm and!/events/142263099295033/.

Follow the activities with #MexicanWave and everybody is welcome to donate through the donate website

Champ Interviews: Matt Renshaw

SST: Matt, can you tell us how you feel being crowned 2013 Champ?

MR: No words can describe it. I actually think that the SST is the rebel tour that there were rumours of on the WCT a few years back!

Matt Renshaw - Lord of the Dance, King of the Jagerbomb, Retro Sports Professional and your 2013 Champion

SST 2012/13 - Winners!


1st - Matt Renshaw

In the long and illustrious history of the Student Surf Tour, never before has there been such a closely fought battle over first place. With both Matt Renshaw (Swansea) and Sam Coad (Plymouth) tying on 200 points after 3 events, we decided to make them fight to the death. It was quickly pointed out that they live in different cities and Coad will only leave Newquay in an emergency, so based on the fact that Renshaw not only competed in all 3 events but also took the 'Show Up and Blow Up' at Croyde, a panel of experts agreed on crowning Renshaw SST 2013 Champion, with Coad taking a very honourable second place.


1st - Sophie Hellyer

With consistent form both in the sea and at the afterparty, Plymouth's Sophie Hellyer is the undisputed Womens champion for 2013. Taking 1st place in all 3 of this years SST events, Sophie finished over 100 points ahead of second place.

Both champions have won themselves a highly limited edition and collectible prize, a custom beechwood trophy that's been created by talented artist Kathy Evans.


Depsite a stirling effort from AUCB, Plymouth took the overall title with an impressive 1080 points. They bankrupted the surf club in the process, but it was all worth it to retain the title!

For a full breakdown of SST 2012/13 results, hit the link:

It's a great shame that we weren't able to finish the year off with one final SST competition, but situations conspired against us, and the tides were wrong, and the weather was bad, and we have full time jobs and other excuses, but we'll be putting together a 'Best of SST' in the next few weeks to remind you of all the good times.

Thanks everyone for your support in 2012/13, huge shout outs must go to (in no particular order):

Globe / for seeing our vision and enjoying what we do
Anything Surf / for having great banter, being a great shop and a supportive sponsor
Star Surf Camps / for providing awesome holidays in France
Rest Bay Lifeguards / for keeping us healthy and safe and then joining us to party
Porthcawl Surf School / because Hugh is a legend, a real gent, very understanding and patient!
The Welsh Surf Federation / Stu and the guys do a brilliant job and are supportive of the SST, even when we have no budget and arrive late
Malc's Cafe / for keeping us fed and watered for another year
Park Dean / for hosting the SST in Wales and Croyde... We're not allowed back but we still love you
Reef Surf Lodge / for giving us somewhere to stay in the cold month of February
ERA Water Safety / for buzzing around on a jet ski making sure everyone was safe, in freezing gales
The Thatch Croyde / for being the best apres surf piss up venue in the country
All our judges / Liam Dennis Green particularly, you all made this possible

If we've forgotten anything, we're really sorry...

What's happening to SST next year?

More info coming soon.

Renshaw, smashing it in Wales (Pic Tim Borrow)

Get well soon Glenn!

Pro surfer and amusing writer Glenn 'Micro' Hall is out the water for 6 weeks following an injury sustained at Fiji.

Get well soon Micro:

"Around 7 minutes remaining the perfect looking wave marches towards the reef. It's still 50 meters away and Jordy asked 'are you going bru?' (I'm not really sure if he said bru but he's South African so he probably did) My reply 'fucking oath!' We were right at the top of the reef where coral heads poke out of the water basically just to try and screw with your head. They pop up and say 'hey look at me, I'm sharp as fuck so don't fall off'. Plan A to get the 8.8 was to takeoff at the top of the reef and get barreled along the whole first section, through the second section and get a 10. At a wave like Restaurants this isn't wishful thinking. On the right wave out there you can barreled for an hour and a half, Fijian time.  This wave approaching looked like the exact wave I was waiting for, the perfect line,the perfect size, no chops up the face. This was my first chance at posting a real score..."

Read the rest of Glenn's blog entry here:!blog---fiji-1--micro-0/cv3j

Wave Garden - New Site

Now company owners Nick Hounsfield and Tobin Coles have identified land at Washingpool Farm in Easter Compton and Over Court Farm in Almondsbury as the new site for the project.

Mr Hounsfield and Mr Coles say they are confident the operation will open towards the end of next summer, creating between 40 and 50 new jobs.

At 40 acres, the new site is considerably bigger than the initial project.

It would accommodate a surfing lake measuring 300 metres long by 150 metres wide, which would be built using technology developed by a Spanish company.

The lake is almost twice the size of the one proposed for the Portway site and has pushed the cost of the project to £6.2 million – an increase of £1.2 million.

The open-air development would create perfect waves up to 1.6 metres high at a rate of 120 waves per hour, allowing experienced surfers to enjoy a 20 second ride.

The lake would not be floodlit but could be lit by underwater lighting and the company says its operation is silent. Surfing sessions would be restricted to daylight hours.

Father-of-three Mr Coles, 40, said a "sizeable" amount of the money needed had already been secured and that they had "identified the main investors".

The larger lake will have three separate areas for beginners (Bays), experts (Reef) and surf schools (Harbour).

Two people will be able to use the reef area at a time, with up to 30 able to use the bay areas.

An entrance fee of £5 would be paid to use the site, which would include parking, with charges to surf of about £15 for an hour.

People would be able to walk, cycle or use a solar-powered electric cart to take them to the The Wave: Bristol site, approximately 300 yards from the car park.

Mr Hounsfield, 39, who lives in St Andrews with his wife and three children, said: "We want people to have the feeling of leaving technology behind and going into nature – that fits with our ethos."

He added that the development would have no effect on the Volksfest that takes place at Washingpool Farm each year and said the presence of MoJo Active Outdoor Activity Centre nearby made the prospects of planning permission more likely.

"The rest of the land will be landscaped sensitively, with a sense of both gardens and an arboretum," he added. "We want people to feel like they are entering woodland."

Also on site will be a large timber structure housing a cafe, changing rooms and an education centre.

The car park is likely to be able to hold 250 vehicles but people must book if they are using their car.

The Wave: Bristol team have spoken to planners and have been "encouraged to move to full application".

The company would not reveal whether it had bought or was planning to lease the site.

Mr Coles, 40, of St Andrews, said: "We are very confident and excited – this is the one we have been looking for.

"We are very close to the city but still able to create something with an outdoor feel. It really ticks all the boxes."

Mr Hounsfield, an osteopath, added that they were now consulting with local parish councils and residents about the plans.

"Now that we have the land agreed we are working up our plans for the site," he said.

"We have had preliminary discussions with South Gloucestershire Council and will soon be talking to local residents and people more widely in South Gloucestershire and Bristol, to gather feedback on our proposed plans.

"We have sent a letter to residents and are talking to local elected representatives to explain our proposals. We will be contacting them in the coming weeks about how they can get involved and have their say."

The project has also received the backing of Business West.

Executive director James Durie said: "It is fantastic that the team behind The Wave: Bristol has secured a site close to the city. We are right behind this exciting project, which not only will bring surfing to Bristol and the surrounding area but will also give local people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to be outdoors, have fun and get in touch with nature.

"Surfing is so much part of the life in the south west and this project is great news for local and the visitors we attract."

To help with the project, The Wave: Bristol has enlisted Chris Hines MBE, founder of Surfers Against Sewage and the director of sustainability at the Eden Project for more than five years. Also on board are horticultural consultants Sue Minter – former President of the institute of Horticulture – and Jekka McVicar, the current President of the Herb Society.

For more information, visit